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Having good air quality inside your your home is very important because we are spending much more time at home these days. Here is a simple, inexpensive task that will positively impact your health, time and pocketbook.  Change your air filters. Yes, it is that simple. This one chore can even extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Here are three amazing benefits of clean air filters.

Money Saving Benefit

Changing your air filters is the least expensive way to improve your quality of life. By changing your air filters frequently, you will save money on your energy costs.  Clean air filters are a must for optimum airflow effeciency.  Did you know that having clean air filters will also save you money on repair bills? Dirty filters make your heating and cooling systems work harder to circulate air throughout the home, resulting in greater strain being placed on the motor.  Poor airflow causes motors to overheat.  Poor airflow will also result in shorting the life of the system. Repair bills can be eliminated by simply changing your air filters often. Contact the HVAC professionals at Fesmire Heating and Air Conditioning to check on how often the air filters should be changed on your particular unit.

Time Saving Benefit

How much time do you spend vacuuming and dusting your home? Dirty air filters are the number one culprit of spewing dust around the house. In addition, dust is the number one cause of degrading materials in your home. Dust settles everywhere and gets into the fabrics of your window coverings, furniture and carpets. Dust is extreamely invasive and can actually result in destroying the integrity of fabrics. Over time, dust can cause fading and deterioration of your home’s decor. Simply by keeping your air filters clean, your house will have less dust to contend with. There are other ways to help further reduce dust in your home. For instance, try a humidifier or air purifier.

Health Saving Benefit

Above all, there is nothing more valuable than your health. Clean air is one of the most important contributors to good health.  Moreover, dust and pollutants are impossible to avoid. What is call “dust” is actually a conglomeration of all kinds of airborne debris. Dust is made up of pollen, dirt particles, dead skin cells and hair from humans and pets. There are also other environmental factors such as dust from construction, road repair, vehicular traffic and street cleaning debris that can travel for miles. All of these irritants can affect the lungs and increase one’s vunerability to respiratory infections. Clean air filters can help prevent or reduce allergies, asthma and other breathing conditions resulting in fewer trips to the doctor. To further reduce allergens and pollutants, try an air purifier.

These three amazing benefits of clean air filters are a real investment to your savings account, time and health. We welcome all inquiries at Fesmire Heating and Air Conditioning on how best to keep your home’s environment both comfortable and healthy. Please remember that HVAC services are considered essential and we are available to address any of your repair/service needs.