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 It is always a challenge to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during chilly winter days. Setting your thermostat during winter is actually quite simple if you follow these few easy steps.

Money-saving Comfort

The Department of Energy recommends keeping your home at 68F during the day when you are home. This temperature may seem a little chilly to some. However, wearing a sweater and using throw blankets can help until you become accustomed to a slightly lower temperature. For most people, 68F is quite comfortable and saving money on your energy bill is a warming thought.

Turn Your Thermostat Down?

 It’s best to keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature unless you are going to be leaving your home for more than a week. If you are going to be away for longer than a week, you can turn the temperature down to 65F.

Avoid lowering your thermostat more than 3-4 degrees at night. Drastic variations in temperature causes the furnace to have to work harder to reheat the space each time the temperature is raised.

Programmable Thermostats

The easiest way to control the temperature in your home is by using a programmable thermostat because you can set it and forget it. If you are going away for more than a week, you can set your thermostat to start warming up the house a few hours before you arrive home.  Program your thermostat accordingly.  As a result, your home will always be a comfortable temperature and you will be saving money on your energy bill!

Contact the heating professionals at Fesmire HVAC for more energy-saving tips or if you are considering installing a programmable thermostat. Keeping you comfortable during this winter season is our priority.

Wishing you and yours a warm holiday season!

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