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Yep. Winter is coming and so are those heating bills. Do you have gas heating or electric? Let’s go over some quick facts on gas vs electric heating.


Face it. Cost is the first thing we think of when we are considering a purchase. Gas heating systems do cost more to install; however, there is an overall savings on the monthly energy bill. An electric heating system is cheaper to install but is not as energy efficient as a gas system. As a result, your monthly energy bill will be more.


On a whole, an electric heating unit has an average life-span of around thirty years. A well-serviced gas furnace has a bit of a shorter life-span of about 20 years. Therefore, the money you are saving with a gas furnace will, over time, pay for a replacement. Although an electric furnace is cheaper to replace, there is actually very little (if any) energy savings to apply into replacing it.


Gas furnaces do have a drawback. There is always the concern of carbon monoxide being present in the home. Carbon monoxide detectors are important to have in your home if you have a gas heater.

Heating Efficiency

Gas furnaces are noted to be more efficient at heating the home than electric furnaces. This is because the heat is actively forced throughout the home through a heat transfer process known as convection. Electric heating systems use radiant heat to warm the home. Radiant heat is more static and is not transfered throughout areas of the home as efficiently or evenly. With radiant heat, you end up with pockets of warm areas as well as pockets of colder areas.

Quiet vs Noisy

In most cases, gas furnaces are more noisy than their electric counterpart. Because gas furnaces use fans to heat the home by moving warm air through the house. Electric furnace systems do not use fans. At most, a click, then a low hum may be heard as the heating system warms up.  Also, because gas heating systems have moving parts (ie. fans and motors) these systems require more scheduled maintenance than electric heating systems do.

So, there you have it — a few quick facts on gas vs electric heating. If you have any further questions or want to consult with a heating specialist regarding which is the best system for your needs, please contact Fesmire Heating and Air Conditioning. Have a warm and cozy winter!

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