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It has been a long winter and spring is right around the corner. When people think of spring cleaning, they usually think of house and yard chores. Don’t forget to spring clean your HVAC system. It is pretty easy and takes little time to do. The time spent is well worth it. Here are a few HVAC spring cleaning tips.

Change Your Filters

After a long, hard winter, your furnace and AC filters have taken a beating. Change out your filters. You can find most filters at your local hardware store. Write down the model and make of your units before you make that trip. Clean filters help your HVAC system to run much more efficiently, saving you money. Also, clean air is vital to good health.

Clean Your Registers

Inspect the registers in every room. Look for a build-up of dust and dirt on the vent covering. Detach the vent cover (most vents are held on with screws). Wash the covers in hot soap and water. Let them dry thoroughly and replace them. Cleaning your air vent covers, coupled with clean air filters, will result in a more healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Clean Around Your Unit Outside

All kinds of debris can gather around your AC unit during the blustery fall and winter months. Debris can block airflow and damage the fins of the unit. Some choose to use decorative shrubs to hide their AC units. Make sure to keep those shrubs trimmed and away from the unit itself.

 Professional Duct Cleaning and Tune-Up

Of course, a great way to add longevity and keep your  AC unit in tip-top shape is to have HVAC professionals give your ducts a good cleaning and a thorough check-up. Regularly scheduled maintenance is less expensive than repairs. Give Fesmire Heating and Air Conditioning a call if you need to schedule a maintenance check-up. We are here to help keep your summers cool and your winters warm!

Happy spring!

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