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Winter is not over. Temperatures that are below zero can really put a strain on your furnace. Here are a few tips on helping your furnace keep you warm.

Don’t Touch That Thermostat

We all tend to lower our thermostats a few degrees before we go to bed at night and when we leave the house. This does not apply when temperatures are below zero. Lowering and raising the temps in our homes causes the the furnace to have to work twice as hard to regain even a few degrees. Set your thermostat at your normal winter-time temp (or a few degrees higher) and leave it.

Clean Your Air Filter

Air filters that are full of dust and debris also put added strain on your furnace system. Dirty air filters cause poor air-flow, resulting in the motor to have to work much harder to circulate air throughout your home.

Unblock Vents

It is a good idea to remove any furniture, curtains or other items that may be block the air-flow around your vents. This allows that nice, warm and toasty air to circulate better throughout your home. Also, blocked air vents inhibits air-flow and, once again, causes your furnace system to have to work harder to keep your home comfortably warm. Putting added strain to your heating system can lead to unwanted repairs.

Don’t Crank It Up, Cozy Up!

It is not recommended to crank your furnace way up during below zero temps. Once again, this puts a strain on your furnace as it struggles to combat the freezing temperatures outside. Help out your furnace by pulling out your sweater, some cozy socks and those throw blankets to keep you toasty.

These are just a few tips on helping your furnace keep you warm during severe winter weather. If you have any questions about furnace maintenance or winter thermostat settings, give the HVAC experts a call at Fesmire Heating & Air Conditioning — we are glad to help keep you warm this winter!

Stay Warm!

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