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Did you know that, according to the Department of Energy, 48% of all energy consumption is due to trying to keep our homes seasonally comfortable? Sit back in your cool, comfortable room and enjoy a few fun facts about air conditioning that you may have never considered.

Cooling Homes in Ancient Times

Animal skins were used to cover entryways and windows in prehistoric times. People would wet the skins and hang them in the openings during the hot summer season. Naturally cooled air was created when a breeze passed through the wet skins. This was the first air conditioner unit!  In ancient Egyptian times, long strips of wet cloth were used to cool the air and help keep the dust out of the home.

Doctor’s Orders

Dr. John Gorrie was a physician who spent his life in Florida. The weather in Florida is nototriously hot and humid.  Dr. Gorrie invented the first ice machine out of concern for the comfort of his patients in 1848. He also believed that cooler and drier air would deterr mosquitoes. Therefore, this would result  in fewer cases of malaria. A patent for this invention was given in 1851. Dr. Gorrie is known as the father of air conditioning.

Cool Books

The Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn had a problem in 1902. The paper would wrinkle and curl because of the high humidity in the building.  Willis Carrier was hired to solve their problem. Carrier called his invention the “Apparatus for Treating Air”.

A New Invention, A New Name

Another fun fact about air conditioning is how we got the term, “air conditioner”.  Stuart W. Cramer filed a patent for a machine that controlled humidity and air temperature for textile factories in 1906. He called his invention the “Air Conditioner”.  G.B. Wilson used the term in a textbook in 1908 and as a result, it became the term we use today.

Comfort Becomes Affordable

Air conditioners became market available in 1932.  However, this comfort was cost-prohibitive.  Henry Galson was able to develop an inexpensive, compact, window-sized unit for the general public in 1947.  Thank goodness!

Today, air conditioners are commonplace and we often take their comfort for granted. Show your unit some attention. Have it checked for optimum function. As a result, you will save money on both repair bills and energy costs.  Hope you enjoyed these few fun facts about air conditioning. Feel free to contact Fesmire Heating & Air Conditioning for any questions regarding the care and operations of your air conditioner unit.

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